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I think for me, the more I can be a blank slate as an actor, the better.

I don’t think my age should determine what roles I can and can not play.

It was actually a decision that my manager and I made together.

I wanted to make the transition from doing commercials and smaller guest roles, into auditioning for leads in film and television.

I’ve had the odd negative comment here and there, so I’m trying to ignore them even though it can be really, really hard.

At the end of the day, being able to connect so instantly with the fans who love the show is well worth dealing with a few haters.

I’d like to think it should be about how old you can play, not how old you are.

But she gave up her hobby in order to pursue acting. “The fact that the show combines horses and acting,” she said, “is really amazing.” FIGURING THINGS OUT TOGETHERBecause Timmins already felt comfortable with horses, “getting to act scared was much easier,” she said. The actress developed even stronger ties with her co-stars. “You create a bond when you’re filming because you work such long hours.”After filming together in Toronto, Canada, and at the Glenarm Castle in Northern Ireland, the cast formed a deep connection.

“I had a lot of fun portraying that, and then also getting to portray Kit overcoming those fears.”Kit conquers her fears with help from her fellow students and an unruly horse named T. Now they have a long-distance relationship, Timmins said.

Timmins stars in Nickelodeon’s introduces viewers to an American girl named Katherine “Kit” Bridges.

Kit moves to England with her father to attend an elite equestrian school, Covington Academy, where he has gotten a job.

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So if you are stressed about an audition, try to figure out what excites you rather than stresses you.

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