Who is alton williams dating

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Who is alton williams dating

King wrote an article analyzing the Brown crime scene, and argued that the evidence suggested that officer Darren Wilson's life was not in danger during the shooting.

His contributions to the website have focused on civil rights, violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and Charleston, South Carolina, as well as allegations of police brutality, especially toward the black community.

He is noted for his use of social media to promote religious, charitable, and social causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement. Previously, he was a contributing writer for Daily Kos.The money went to an organization which provided for the person's needs, not to the person individually.After one goal was met, the next story in line would then get funds raised.The police officer who listed King's race as "white" was later interviewed and stated that everyone who knew King knew he was mixed, and he had only listed King as white because he is light skinned, and biracial was not an option.King and his supporters expressed concern that such questions were an attempt to distract from the Black Lives Matter movement.

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