Websites to see registered sex offenders

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Websites to see registered sex offenders

Mr Highland said Tally then contacted the Bundaberg Police Station to ask how to go about seeking permission."My client prior to this matter has complied in every respect in relation to his obligations under the act," he said. so it's not simply a name he's picked out of the air." Mr Highland said his client planned to move interstate because he had been offered a job as the assistant manager of a bowling alley.The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection,help prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending.Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.Prior convictions dating back 30 yrs, charges include- rape/ abduction/ child stealing/ victims also include girls aged 10, 13, 15 yrs old."Bike path rapist Phillip Taupin jailed for nine years over attacks on 10 females in Melbourne's north" (11-9-2013) A violent rapist who terrorised and attacked 10 females in Melbourne?"He wanted to change back to the original family name and wanted to move on," he said.

"I was savagely attacked, violated, poked and probed like an object that was used abused and thrown away like I was nothing.Magistrate Jennifer Batts adjourned the sentence to August 13 so she could take into consideration the transcript from Tally's original sentence that landed him on the reportable offender list.1 count of committing an act of sexual penetration of a child under 16 yrs. Tappe befriended the child at a caravan park/ later sexually assaulted her.s northern suburbs has been hit with a nine-year prison sentence.Phillip Taupin, 32, stalked his victims on bike paths and parkland through the Darebin, Reservoir and Coburg areas in 2011, 2012 and January this year, indecently assaulting women and girls as young as 15, the County Court heard today.

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Judge Sexton sentenced Taupin to a maximum of nine years and three months jail with a minimum of seven years.

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