Updating a firmware to format tool gordon whistance dating websites

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Updating a firmware to format tool

Some Loco Net devices allow users to update the firmware (internal program) via the Loco Net connection.

The Loco Net Download Firmware tool provides a mechanism to perform updates via a Loco Net connection.

This tool can identify problems at two different stages of the firmware update process.

The "Download" and "Verify" buttons will not perform any useful function if any of the parameters are invalid.It is impossible for the tool developers to predict every way of using the tool and it is impossible to predict the nuances of various devices, firmware files, computer operating systems, computer-to-Loco Net interface hardware, etc.In cases where a firmware update attempt does not apply properly, it is often possible to re-apply the firmware update to the device to restore proper device functionality.As an example, if the firmware in a Digitrax DT402D throttle has been updated and that update was not successful, when the DT402D throttle is powered up, the display will usually show a series of dim, filled-in rectangles rather than the normal power-up display of model and firmware revision information.In this case, re-updating the device, using the process shown above, will usually restore the throttle to proper functionality.

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