Uk atheist dating websites

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Uk atheist dating websites

Your blog is my personal favorite because of the regularity of your posts and the richness of diversity in the topics you put forward. I also appreciate all of the other sources you provide for contemporary writings on philosophy of religion. You totally deserve the attention I think what sets your site apart, for me anyway, is the impartiality that you continue to strive for in your reviews and evaluations.

Much of what Christian tradition claims about Jesus is just wrong and obscures the real historical man.

When I first started on my journey, I was despairing at the lack of people who actually cared about the truth, compared to those just pushing their agenda, and almost gave up on finding any (on either side of the fence)!

Your site was an answer to prayer (quite ironically), and has since lead me to a crapload of really good resources.

(Updated March 4th, 2010.) I already maintain a list of the most popular article-focused atheism blogs.

Here is a list of the most popular atheism websites of any kind on the ‘net, as determined by Alexa rankings: Yours is gettin up there!

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