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It’s very Jude Law, only without all the cheating on Sienna. If you want to dress up in business casual, go for it.The gear: The nanny and parent fantasy is easy because you don’t need costumes. Why we love it: Haven’t you ever had a boss you really just wanted to bang, even though he or she was a total asshole? A power exchange really does get the juices flowing. If you’d rather set the scene at a startup, go for a t-shirt. You’re partners on the force, each other’s shields and greatest allies.Use a metal kitchen spoon to “test your partner’s reflexes” and grab a thermometer to “check his or her temperature.” I know he’s also a medical professional and not a patient, but it’s a game so just go with it.Why we love it: We all want to be superheroes because they're larger than life.The whole student/teacher paradigm is very hot, but becomes problematic when you’re thinking in terms of age-appropriate consent. Avoid the creepy feelings by being a college student and professor instead.

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You don’t need a real tool belt, since no one's staying clothed for very long (unless doing it in a tool belt is a turn-on for you, in which case…) Why we love it: Many of us fantasize about a teacher we wanted to hook up with (I know I have).

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