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at the end of the day emerging markets are going to be the primary source of global growth for the foreseeable future.

And one of the things that we see very consistently is that many are underweight in emerging markets.

To seek clarity for 2017, Fortune convened our annual roundtable of market experts.

And if you look at an optimal balanced model, we would suggest around 8%.

90s and postcrisis—both periods where growth stocks did quite well following those cheap valuation levels.

And valuations are fairly rich in equities, but, boy, are they rich in bonds.

The markets were assigning very significant premium valuations to those tech companies because nothing else was going to grow in the rest of the world.

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This year’s panel included Sarah Ketterer, CEO of Causeway Capital, a billion asset-management firm; Sebastien Page, cohead of the asset-allocation group that sets strategy for 7 billion worth of target-date mutual funds at T.