Kinect sex chatting

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Kinect sex chatting

Microsoft has created a strange robot that can converse with people on Twitter.

The robot, apparently named Tay, is artificially intelligent and speaks with people who send messages to it.

Imagine - the system would have to tell that a man in a long trenchcoat with long hair is a man, and a woman with one of those women's flattop's wearing a bulky sweatshirt and jeans is a woman, that a cowboy hat isn't long hair - it seems very difficult to do by any sort of rule system.

You be able to do machine learning, feeding it zillions of images but I'm skeptical - too much pose/clothing/etc variation.

That location is in keeping with its way of speaking, which has many of the characteristics of a teen on the internet.

You could maybe look for a hip to waist ratio, but that would be super sketchy and the skeleton you get given isn't proportional anyway so you'd have to do some computer vision fudging, but at least the skeleton would tell you approximately where to look... If you can get them to speak, differentiating voices might work.

But it remains a complete mystery why Microsoft created the account – which has been verified by Twitter – and what it plans to do with it.

Tay Tweets hasn't sent out any public tweets, only replies, and lists its location as "the internets".

It appears to be based on Microsoft’s machine learning work and claims that it will get better as it is used.

The account, found at @Tayand You, responds automatically to all tweets.

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