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The upper classes, of course, had the opportunity to send their children to be educated at the oldest universities or sent them overseas to France or Germany.

Ideas about education, though, began to change in the 1800s.

Measures were taken to increase education of the poor majority of English society, starting with Robert Raikes’ Sunday School Movement which began in 1780 and by 1814, had taught 1.25 million children.

Throughout the 1830s other law measures put public education to the forefront, building schools for the poor, and establishing non-denominational schools.

In 1840, the Grammar School Act expanding the school curriculum to include not only basic maths and reading, but science and literature too.

The English government, however, became more concerned about educational reform because of increasing social unrest.

In the case of North America and Western Europe, the “dominant culture” is that which caters to the perspective of the white, middle-class, CIS-gendered, straight, able-bodied, Christian male.

The promotion of technological growth, however, did not come hand-in-hand with the idea of secular, compulsory education.

In fact, throughout the first half of the nineteenth century, when the Industrial Revolution was well underway, most children growing up in rural and urban areas remained on the farm in or factories.

It was more practical to have children earning money for their families than the costs of extensive education.

Furthermore, the aristocratic classes did not see any usefulness in educating the masses and it was hard to rally support for public education in the realms of the law.

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A large majority of steampunk subculture exists in areas where this is the dominant culture; furthermore, as one speaking from an observational standpoint in a larger community, it’s also the dominant culture I’ve grown up in.