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Free cam encounters

An agency’s body-worn camera policy should expressly describe these situations and provide solid guidance for officers when they exercise discretion not to record. Some departments also extend this discretion to recording victims of other crimes." These are fairly compelling arguments.For example, officer discretion is needed in sensitive situations, such as encounters with crime victims or witnesses who are concerned about retaliation if they are seen as cooperating with the police. Moving away from a “record all public encounters” policy might have other advantages as well.While he stopped his car, he got a call from someone on the mobile phone and attended it.Soon, two men, later identified as Ravinder and Raman, approached him and threatened him at gunpoint. Gupta immediately informed police control room on 100.We have received a fair amount of questioning and pushback on this recommendation.For example the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) took explicit exception to our position in their September 2014 report on body cameras.PERF argued that: "There are certain situations, such as interviews with crime victims and witnesses and informal, non-law enforcement interactions with members of the community, that call for affording officers some measure of discretion in determining whether to activate their cameras.

With the technology moving as fast as it was, we felt compelled to weigh in when we did.

According to police, Naveen Gupta, a resident of Rajnagar Extension, was returning home from Delhi.

On the way via Hindon, he stopped to buy some snacks near Rajnagar Extension Cut.

For example: That would include stops, frisks, searches, arrests, consensual interviews and searches, enforcement actions of all kinds, and any encounter that becomes in any way hostile or confrontational.

We continue to believe it's crucial that the vast majority of video be locked down and not used for any purpose other than oversight or evidence.

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