Dating insecure control freak

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Dating insecure control freak

Now, to make this very clear, this advice is based on MY personal experience, and my experience working with others.

I am not a doctor specializing in the endocrine system, and I am not saying that this is a full proof plan. Secondly, getting off the birth control pill is a choice, and it was my personal choice.

First off, I want to tell you that I have received and overwhelming response from all you readers in regards to my birth control pill post (if you haven’t read it go HERE).

It is amazing how many of you out there are searching for explanations and answers.

Check out my Hormone Balancing Food & Herb Diet for more details.

Xenoestrogens – these guys are a big player in getting your hormones back into balance.

Bioflavonoids – these guys are going to act as little building blocks for hormone production.

This does not happen over night, but the benefits are so great it is worth the challenge.Finally, if you have or are dealing with any diseases, conditions or cancers, make sure to check with your practitioner before taking any supplements.Diet – diet is going to be really important in getting the hormones back on track because you need to provide the body with the necessary tools, or nutrients, to make hormones.The reason I am giving you this list is because so many women will get off the pill, experience some negative side effects, get scared, and go back on.You have to realize, that after years of natural hormone production sedation, your body has to re-learn how to make and balance your hormones.

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This is not an easy task, and it does take time for your body to adjust. EXPECT that things are not going to be perfect, and IT IS going to take TIME.