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Christian dating site parody christmas

These parodies have been written by numerous individuals; one currently finds attribution to Howard Ryan, R. Gunn, "Christmas" Carol Blake, Dave "Candy Coin" Cash, Erica Avery, Mark Roberts, Leah Roberts, Le Anne Davis, Scott Davis, Patricia Shaffer, Matt Magnasco, Morley Dotes, Bill Dekle, Eric Cooper, Will Hartje, Chris Duel, Kip Adotta, Bob "Grandpa "Tucker, C. We do the morning radio program (6-10am) on KISW, Seattle's Best Rock. All you needed to be a big star was a deep voice and basic reading skills.

In addition to parodies of Christmas songs, Bob has written, recorded and issued numerous other parodies of songs.

It was to the tune of Neil Sedaka's "Breakin Up Is Hard To Do". Over the years, I have built up a database of hundreds of session players.

When I need a musician or vocalist, I have a tremendous pool of talented people to choose from.

To make spare money, I would write and produce jingles for advertising clients of the station. Brian and Dennis taught me a lot about writing lyrics.

One day management announced that they were forming ACN. And the guys who produced The American Comedy Network inspired me to do more on air than just read promo's and liners.

It was strong enough to broadcast to my whole town of Branford, CT.

I set up a little closet in the basement with two turntables, a crude mixer, and a tape deck. It was named after my favorite food at the time: The hamburger.

I returned to Radio, and eventually I actually kept a job."The American Comedy Network", a group of talented performers who would produce syndicated comedy for morning shows. I recorded it with a guy named Jim Perry singing lead vocals, and my on air sidekick- Zip Zipfel played drums. I became instantly rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams. It peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #69 with an anchor. But the next thing I know, I don't have time for Jingles. In 1987 Brian, Dennis and I wrote "Twisted Christmas".I offered to produce any music they might need, and they called on me to record a parody they had written. About the same time the ABC Rock Radio Network asked me to supply syndicated song parodies for their Radio Stations. They are now syndicated by the TM Century Radio Network, in Dallas TX. My on-air co hosts: Downtown Joe and Spike O'Neill help brainstorm and write tunes with me, and I still collaborate with Dennis and Brian back in Boston. But one of the most prolific writers of humorous Christmas carols is Bob Rivers, a Seattle, Washington radio personality.In some ways we're a typical rock and roll morning radio team. I have a long radio history which began at age 7, when I saw my first radio broadcaster doing a live remote from the grand opening of the W T Grant store in Branford. I knew for absolute sure at that age that I could do this.

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I would practice practice practice reading news copy.

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